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BOLT Score

Your BOLT score is a measure of your tolerance for Carbon Dioxide. The idea here is NOT to hold your breath for as long as you can. Just hold it until you feel that first desire to breathe. Your brain will send a signal to your body reminding it to resume breathing. This could come in the form of a twitch from your diaphragm or your throat trying to swallow. When you feel that first sign from your body, leg go of your nose and resume breathing through the nose. You should be able to control your breathing within 1 or 2 breaths. If you find that you're huffing & puffing afterwards, then your have held the breath too long. If your score is below 25 seconds then chances are good that you have a breathing pattern disorder. The higher the BOLT score, the less occurrence of breathlessness, as Carbon Dioxide is the primary stimulas to breathe. As your BOLT score increases, your breathing will become lighter, both during rest and physical exercise.